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Massachusetts Divorce Lawyer and Mediator


Read the frequently asked questions below from Cunnally Law Group, LLC in Medway, MA.


If your questions are not answered below, or to schedule your informative consultation please call us at (508) 346-3805.

Yes. We do charge a fee for an initial consultation, $250 for the first hour and $395 hourly rate for anything longer. All of our consultations are held in person at our office with the option of Zoom telephone or video conference if the client prefers.

Our consultations last approximately an hour to an hour and a half.

We understand that even calling to set up your meeting is a big step, and we know you are likely feeling nervous. At Cunnally Law Group, LLC, a typical initial consultation involves the following:

  • We will ask you to fill out a brief intake form that captures some basic information before we start.
  • The meeting is conversational. We want to hear from you. What are you most concerned about? What are your goals for the divorce itself and perhaps more importantly, your post-divorce life?
  • Feel free to jot down your questions or things you want us to know prior to your meeting and we can review them with you.
  • You do not need to bring anything to the meeting or study in advance. An exception to this is if you have been served with any court papers, we would ask you to bring copies with you.

Our goal is to have you leave feeling better than when you came in because you will have more information and a clearer understanding of your options and what to expect in the days ahead.

If you have talked to your spouse about mediation and think it is a viable option, then it is best to come in together. That way, you are both hearing the same information and will have the opportunity to ask questions.

You will meet with an attorney from Cunnally Law Group, LLC. If you desire to meet with a specific attorney, then please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate you.

To schedule your informative meeting with a Massachusetts divorce lawyer or Massachusetts divorce mediator at Cunnally Law Group, LLC, please call: (508) 346-3805; or send an email to: info@cunnallylawgroup.com


Cunnally Law Group, LLC can be reached at 508-346-3805.